About !

‘About’ is a section which provides information about a specific person. But I believe it’s the work of an individual which describes his personality more effectively. But following the old ritual, below are some points which I consider can describe me in a perfect manner.

  • An ambivert teenager, and a proud Indian.
  • A worshiper of words.
  • A strong believer of God.
  • An ignorant, who only knows that Words are more effective than Sword, in the war of right and wrong.

What this blog is all about?

‘Anabhigya’ is a literary blog that contains variety of poetry and prose in Hindi, Urdu and English languages. If you love the literature and wish to look at the beauty of this universe from a poet’s vision, Congrats!, you are at the right place.

What I write usually ?

It depends on the situations, as I write according to my observations. I love to write poems, and I prefer writing in Hindi because it has a special place in my heart. My writings are sometimes Motivational, sometimes Sarcastic and Abstract as well. But every time I try to keep it as Realistic as I can.If I could touch you ever with my poetry, do let me know and if it never does, this is the way I perceive things. But let me know whatever you feel. If my thoughts match yours, good for me; if they don’t, I’d love to see the newer dimension of things. Happy Reading!

For collaborations or further information mail to me at theanabhigya@gmail.com .


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